Analysis of process condition.

Complete analysis of input material and test on our pilot line.

  • Complete mass balance
  • Polymer composition
  • Contamination description
  • Output quality validation
  • Effluent water analysis (washing test)


Manufacturing and pre-assembling.

Manufacturing and pre-assembling

  • Plants are pre-assembled on our premises before shipment
  • All interfaces and connections between the machineries are verified
  • Attention to all constructive details to guarantee the highest quality standards
  • Possibility of arranging a pre-commissioning of the plant on our site

Afer sales services

After sales services and production support.

After sales service and production support

  • Specific Process Guarantee
  • Special Management training program
  • Special customized maintenance program
  • On site preventive maintenance program
  • Remote technical assistance
  • Standard operating procedure support
  • Spare parts management

Why choose Sorema?

Because Sorema is a leading manufacturer of plastic recycling machinery


Thermoforms recycling

  • Monolayer (PP – APET – PS – PC – PETC – PVC)
  • Multilayer (PET/PE – PET/PVC – PET/EVOH – Others complex)

Plastic dry cleaning

The patent-pending SOREMA DELABELER associated to an aerodynamic separator and some particular devices can obtain an excellent and more efficient separation of the light from the bulky materials.


  • High efficiency at high capacities
  • Minimum labour
  • Minimum utility consumption
  • Modular system concept
  • Flexible feedstock selection
  • Demand the highest prices of the end product
  • Use a large percentage of recycled material in plastic products
  • High performance and characteristics of plastic product made of or containing recycled material