Plastic Recycling Applications

Nowadays, plastic recycling is becoming a very important challenge in an every changing world. The volumes and wide range of different materials involved in recycling process are increasing day by day, requiring high-advanced recycling technologies and know-how to correctly and properly process every kind of different materials in a flexible and economic manner.

Being the pioneer in recycling washing technologies since 1974, SOREMA can offer proper and state-of-the-art recycling technologies to correctly and economically process a wide range of materials. Indeed, SOREMA washing lines are specifically studied in order to be in position to treat (at same time) as many kind of different materials as possible with flexible and modular devices that assure the correct and proper process treatment.

At present, SOREMA can rely on more than 400 worldwide different recycling lines processing many kind of materials among which we can state:

  • Post-consumer PET bottles
  • HDPE-PP bottles and containers
  • Mono-layer and multi-layers Thermoforms
  • Agricultural film
  • Post-consumer film
  • Post industrial and post-commercial film
  • Dry cleaning processes
  • WEEE recycling(wastes electronical & electrical equipments)
  • EPS/XPS (expanded polyestirenes)
  • Paper-mills wastes
  • Car batteries
  • Syntetic fibers (Ropes, Woven-non-woven)
  • Big-bags
  • Pellets wastes
  • Car plastic wastes
  • And many others kind of materials