Hdpe sheet and hdpe film: rHDPE flakes for Film and Sheets

Being the pioneer of the PET and HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) recycling market, SOREMA can rely on the largest worldwide market share in PET and HDPE bottle recycling systems.

Regarding HDPE bottles recycling, geomembrane film and HDPE bags/film are are among the main final applications.

Geomembranes are extremely important components of geotechnical engineering and are used as protection layer in civil works and construction. This market is constantly growing and large requests are being made in developing countries, where the significant and rapid development is increasing the demand for structural and construction components.

When manufacturing, and using, geomembranes several aspects must be taken into consideration. It is essential for these components to have a high endurance and any phenomenon that may cause the membrane to become brittle.

Examples of applications of geomembranes are landfills, tunnels, water basins, irrigation channels and extraction mines. They are also used for general liquid containment in the petro-chemical and agricultural industries.

HDPE plastic bags are widely used in consumer and industrial packagings. Their use is common for those applications in which stringent requirements are set for packaging. as resistance to high and low temperatures.