rHDPE plastic flakes for Pipes and HDPE bottles recycling

Being the pioneer of the PET and HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) recycling market, SOREMA can rely on the largest worldwide market share in PET and HDPE bottle recycling systems. SOREMA can currently grant its highest and constant quality to more than 2.000.000 tons of incoming PET and HDPE bottles recycled yearly in its washing recycling lines.

An interesting application of HDPE bottles recycling is the production of flakes for the extrusion of pipes. R HDPE pipes may be produced in a wide range of products mainly for effluent water and slurry transportation .

There are many advantages in the use of HDPE pipes for the transportation of liquids. For example, their chemical and corrosion resistance. The strain resistance reduce risk of cracking

Installation costs are also significantly reduced because of the great flexibility of HDPE, which reduces the need of fittings and allows the piping track to be installed in areas prone to earthquakes or over uneven land. HDPE is also light: its density is about one eighth of that of steel. This leads to easier installation, reducing labor costs and allowing for the use of lighter and easier to handle equipment. HDPE pipes are often installed with color striping to indicate their use, for example the type of fluid flowing in them and the direction of flow.

Several companies are starting to manufacture pipes from recycled R HDPE, with contents of the recycled polymer varying up to 100%. Due to the extreme importance of having high quality pipes, national regulations exist to set standards of production. For this reason the production of high quality R HDPE flakes is of great importance. SOREMA can guarantee the production of flakes that meet all the requirements for pipe production.