Other recycling solutions

Thanks to its long and deep experience and to the specific know-how developed during many decades of active presence in the recycling market, SOREMA can propose the best solution, with the most update technology, for the recycling of many different kinds of products.

For the same reasons, SOREMA is often involved in projects aimed at tackling the recycling issues in many different industrial fields.

Recycling is generally intended as the process of recovering useful and valuable material from end of life products. These materials vary from plastics to paper, metal, glass and wood.

There are two main categories of recycling, which are defined based on the entity producing the waste. Post-consumer recycling refers to the recovery from wastes produced by individuals who are generally the end users of a product. Post-industrial recycling refers instead to the recovery of material that has been discarded by industries and manufacturers.

For recycling to be successful, a preliminary step must be efficiently carried out: waste or garbage collection. Recently, attention towards the issue of recycling has been growing significantly. Governments encourage recovery of valuable materials and enforce laws and regulations to move individuals and companies towards higher recycling rates. This is essential both to increase the public’s sensitivity towards the issue of recycling and to correctly collect wastes so that they can actually be efficiently and effectively recovered.

Post-consumer waste collection may be carried out in several different ways. One of the most commonly adopted techniques is curbside collection, in which recycled products are discarded separately from non-recyclables and regularly picked up by waste collection vehicles. Other important solution ( mainly used for PET bottels ) is the redemption system with a deposit fee on the packaging.

Among all the different kinds of materials treated by SOREMA recycling technologies we can state: