Car battery recycling

Car battery recycling represents one of the most interesting recycling process due to the possibility to recover important quantities of lead and plastics.

The value of these materials contained in the batteries, if correctly treated, can represent a very interesting opportunity for investors in recycling market.

The first phase of the recycling process of car batteries is usually carried out independently by the customer and allows the recovery of the lead as metal.

SOREMA’s specific know-how on the process and its long experience allows us to propose to our clients the most efficient and advanced recycling washing technologies, to transform these wastes in a real business opportunity. In particular, SOREMA has developed washing lines specifically designed for car battery recycling, which allows the recovery of PP (Polypropylene) from the wastes deriving from the first phases of battery treatment. In addition, the application of an adequate washing and water treatment process allows SOREMA to obtain a “second” raw material of the highest quality, suitable for reuse in the car industry, even for the production of new car batteries. In so doing, SOREMA is capable of realizing a completely closed recycling loop. This is among the highest targets achievable by the recycling industry. Car batteries fall under the category of lead-acid batteries. Their recycling process includes grinding, neutralization of the acids, and separation of the polymers from lead. The treatment of these batteries is delicate because of the presence of lead oxide and sulfuric acid , both toxic substances In the United States alone, about 100 million car batteries are replaced every year. Of these, around 99% are recycled. In the European Union, a directive was passed in 2006, with reference to all types of batteries, including those used in the automotive industry. The directive states that at least 45% of all used batteries in the EU must be collected by 2016 and that at least 50% of the collected batteries must be recycled.

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