After sales services

For SOREMA, all customers are our own partners in recycling projects and we take the maximum care to reach for each ones of them the maximum level of satisfaction.
SOREMA relies upon its technical and post-sales high-skilled team to support all its customers with a proper and customized After-Sales service both at the commissioning, at the line start-up and at the production stage, as well as during all the life of its washing recycling lines.
The range of services that SOREMA offers are particularly aimed at increasing productivity and human capabilities, reducing waste and minimizing all maintenance costs and utilities consumptions which are, for every recycling process, ones of the most important unit costs.

SOREMA after-sales program includes

the following services which in some cases represent a peculiarity of SOREMA and allows them to distinguish the company in the universe of recycling:


Specific Process Guarantee (not only for general mechanical and electrical parts, but specifically for quality and production issues of SOREMA recycling lines).

This service can be considered an absolute peculiarity of SOREMA and represents a specific marks of distinction in recycling market.


For its own customer and recycling lines, SOREMA can offer not only the above mentioned assistance for the process and for the mechanical/electrical issues, but specifically some appropriate Management training programs aiming at a correct and profitable managing of the whole recycling plant (which is for its peculiarities particularly different than a normal production plant).
These special Management training programs could be given thgough SOREMA specific Managers with very highly-skilled backgrounds in recycling plants management.


Eventual and customized maintenance programs specifically designed by post graduated engineers in Maintenance and specifically customized according to the specific recycling plant.

This is in order to optimize and balance the spare parts consumption, storage as well as the recycling line production efficiency. These programs can also be installed in-line assuring proper trend analysis and with the possibility of remote assistance.

On site customized training during start –up phase and constant remote assistance, throughout automatic remote control systems.

Eventual customized spare parts plans and support.

On site engineering services for eventual and possible improving of the existing recycling processes.

Fast and appropriate technical support taking care of mechanical, electrical and processing issues.

Upgrading of existing equipments/lines to ensure optimal productivity.

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