In the ever-changing recycling universe, SOREMA mission is

Design and manufacture

To design and manufacture customized recycling solutions according to the input material specifications, customers expectations and final applications, optimizing investments and process costs.

Partnership approach

To create a close, long and deep co-operation with all its customers through a constant and constructive partnership approach.

Technical solutions

Not to sell a product or a machine, but to provide our customers with concrete technical solutions, coherent with environmental conditions, process data and economic requirements.


At SOREMA, we integrate our recycling technologies in different ways:

  1. Backward vertically, with other upstream technologies (such as pre-sorting external systems);
  2. Horizontally, with in-line specific systems (such as water treatment);
  3. Forward vertically, with post-treatment downstream technologies (such as extrusion and re-gradation systems)
Co-operate with potential authorities

Co-operate with Governmental Institutions, Universities and other potentially interested authorities in order to develop a plastic recycling closed loop, with the aim of reaching the maximum level of recycling quality and, whenever possible, obtaining recycled products to be reused in the same original application.

After-sales opportunities

To give a wide range of services and after-sales opportunities to all its customers in order to assist them at different high-skilled and professional levels (from Management specific Assistance to normal line assistance)