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Rubber grinding and blending lines for tire production

Russian magazine (2014 eng.) With more than 90 years experience in the size reduction sytems and 50 years in rubber technology, PREVIERO is among the leading companies in the manufacturing and installation of grinding and blending lines for natural and synthetic rubber including, within the others, SIS,SBR,BR,NR,NBR and EPDM. PREVIERO size reduction lines are used

Nuevo y revolucionario sistema de desetiquetado de botellas

SOREMA, una división de PREVIERO S.r.l., ha instalado desde 1976 cientos de sistemas de reciclaje que procesan todo tipo de residuos plásticos y gracias a su larga experiencia, SOREMA es ampliamente reconocida en todo el mundo como una de las compañías líderes en términos de tecnologías y sistemas de reciclaje. Los principales atributos y claves

Petplanet insider – k2013

Article for Petplanet insider – on occasion of K2013 show (November 2013) The new and innovating Sorema de-labeling system SOREMA a division of PREVIERO S.r.l., installed since 1976 hundreds of recycling systems processing every type of waste plastic and, thanks to this long experience, SOREMA is well recognized all over the world as one of

PackagingFilms K2013 show November 2013

Complete grinding lines for bi-oriented film Previero & SOREMA with more than 90 years’ experience in the size reduction systems for wood, rubber and plastic, offers new complete lines for the grinding, transport and storage of bi-oriented film with application in BOPP, BOPET, BOPS,BOPA. To meet the market request, we developed “turn-key” solutions integrating under

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