Why choose Sorema?

Because Sorema is a leading manufacturer of plastic recycling machinery

Recycling machines: product quality

All of our systems are built on the same basic tenets. We have developed these principles through years of experience in hundreds of systems concerning plastic recycling machinery. To understand the SOREMA process you must first understand these tenets.

Using a plastic recycling machines involves processing materials over which you have little control, in harsh environmental conditions. Recycling machines must be able to accommodate all reasonable contaminants and conditions without catastrophic failure or unreasonable wear.
Because of the abrasive nature of the materials passing through the plastic recycling machines, all machines must be designed to control wear and be quickly and easily maintained. In many cases, machine downtime due to maintenance determines the success of the entire operation.
The highest quality, most economical, consistent end product is only gained through high efficiency and reliability of the plant and the recycling machinery.
Early contaminate removal
Contamination causes machine wear, reduces throughput, and affects product quality. It is therefore essential to remove as much contamination as economically possible during the early stages of the process. This is where our friction washer, label scraper, and friction washer come into play.
Utility consumption
This is the largest single cost of any plastic recycling system and must be controlled.
Modular design
Advances in technology and ever changing material requirements require the ability to freqently upgrade systems in order to remain competitive.

Plastic recycling machines: engineering & manufacturing

Thanks to its worldwide and long-term experience in plastic recycling machines, SOREMA developed a specific and globally recognized know-how in treating the most difficult plastic materials in the recycling process.

SOREMA philosophy is to customize recycling technology and to engineer efficient and flexible plastic recycling plant.

SOREMA and Previero operate in many different fields of the recycling market, as:

  • Recycling of PET bottles: certainly the main component of recycling market, recycled PET has many different applications, according to the quality of the collected PET
  • Recycling of HDPE and PP: Recycling of HDPE and PP is becoming the more and more important, representing an important share of the market
  • Recycling process of Thermoforms: Thermoforms is one the most developing field of the plastic recycling market, due to the growing quantity of thermoforms wastes
  • Recycling of plastic film: Plastic film is available in large quantity: for this reason it is, along with PET bottles, one of the main source of income of the market
  • Dry cleaning of plastic: SOREMA was able to deeply innovate the process of properly cleaning plastic from different contaminants, thanks to its patent-pending dry centrifuge

Customized lines

Each SOREMA washing line is studied and developed expressly for each customer, according to the specific characteristics of the input materials to be treated.

These prerogatives guarantee that our technologies are exactly and expressly suitable for the specific requirements and needs of each one of our customers.


Efficiency is intended in terms of high quality during the reprocessing of any plastic material treated by SOREMA’s recycling plants, coupled with minimized energy and water consumption. We work with the best and most updated technologies and hold patents in the field of washing and pre-washing lines.


Flexibility is given by the wide capacity that SOREMA plastic recycling machines can achieve. Actually, SOREMA can realize plastic recycling plants with capacities ranging from 500 up to 10.000 kg/h. Moreover, thanks to its particular concept of Modular Designed Systems, any SOREMA single stream recycling line, such as Prewashing, Washing, Grinding, Delabeler separation (suitable to separate the particularly difficult “sleeves” labels on PET bottles), can be easily installed in any existing plastic recycling plant.

Turnkey plastic recycling machines solutions and customer care approach

Thanks to its long experience, SOREMA can supply its plastic recycling plants as a turnkey service including:

  • Engineering and layout drawings to fit the customer’s facility
  • All machines and connective piping
  • Electrical connection design (cabling offered as option)
  • PLC control system
  • Utility connection drawings
  • Start up support and operator training (installation and project management training on request)

This approach saves customers’ time and money and involves the following steps:


Preliminary phase

  • SOREMA’s engineering department uses the customer’s building plans and drawings to arrange the equipment and specify sizes and locations of utility connections for customer’s approval.
  • This saves customers the time and effort necessary to gather the tremendous amount of information required to accomplish this task.


Installation of plastic recycling machinery

  • All SOREMA washing lines are preassembled in the factory prior to shipping. This is done to ensure that all lines fit together correctly and to avoid costly on-site adjustments.
  • All individual pieces are marked for easy assembly.


Start up of the plant

  • All electrical devices and programming logics are operated prior to shipment.
  • Individual machines are run at the SOREMA factory to insure proper operation.
  • Once a line is assembled at the customer’s site, our technicians start up and adjust the entire line, and train the operators using experience gained from years of work on similar installations.
  • This process is amazingly quick and efficient.


Operator and Management training + wide after sales support

For SOREMA, the customer is a partner. We provide instructions to personnel to support the start up of the recycling activity. Special Management training by highly skilled Managers, with long and deep experience in recycling plants management, can also be provided on request.

New developments and up-grades are continuously proposed.

Moreover, we continuously assist our customers thanks to our wide range of post-sales services.

By choosing SOREMA you will never be alone!

After sales services

We take great care in reaching out to each one of our customers, to guarantee the maximum level of satisfaction.

SOREMA relies upon its technical and post-sales high-skilled team to support all its customers with an accurate and customized after-sales service at the commissioning, line start-up, and production stages, as well as during the entire lifetime of its washing recycling lines.

The range of services that SOREMA offers are particularly aimed at increasing productivity and human capabilities, reducing waste and minimizing all maintenance costs and utilities consumptions which are, for every recycling process, among the most important unit costs.

SOREMA after-sales program includes

services which, in some cases, represent a trademark allowing to destinguish SOREMA from other companies in the recycling industry. Such services include:


Specific Process Guarantee (not only for general mechanical and electrical parts, but specifically for quality and production issues of SOREMA recycling lines).

This service can be considered an absolute peculiarity of SOREMA and represents a specific mark of distinction in the recycling market.


For its own customers and recycling lines, SOREMA can offer not only the above mentioned assistance, but even specific Management training programs, aiming at a correct and profitable management of the whole recycling plant (which is, for its peculiarities, different that of a normal production plant).

These special Management training programs can be delivered by SOREMA through the participation of expert Managers with very highly-skilled backgrounds in recycling plants management.


Customized maintenance programs are specifically designed by post graduated engineers and developed according to the specific recycling plant.

This allows a balance and optimization in the spare parts consumption and storage, as well as the recycling line production efficiency. These programs can also be installed on-line, ensuring an accurate trend analysis with the possibility of remote assistance.

On site customized training during start–up phase and constant remote assistance, throughout automatic remote control systems.

Customized spare parts plans and support, as needed.

On site engineering services for possible improvement of the existing recycling processes.

Fast and tailored technical support to take care of mechanical, electrical and processing issues.

Upgrading of existing equipment/lines to ensure optimal productivity.

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