SOREMA is pleased to present the new video relating to a complete PET recycling plant.

SOREMA philosophy is to customize recycling technology and to engineer efficient and flexible plastic recycling plants.
Thanks to its innovative Modular Designed Systems any project proposed by a customer can be divided into several modules, each dedicated to a particular processing phase. Through this system the customer can have tailored-made solution with significant savings of both costs and execution times.
A further advantage of the modular system is the possibility of pre-assembling the recycling plant at the same Sorema factory. This expedient makes it possible to verify the correct connection of the elements and to carry out corrections and modifications already in the factory, avoiding subsequent expensive interventions at the contractor’s site.
Another basic requirement of Sorema’s washing lines is the maximum efficiency of both water and energy consumption.
Sorema provides a turn-Key system completed with Utilities and waste water treatment.