WEEE recycling: Wastes electrical and electronic equipments Expanded polystyrene recycling: EPS/XPS Paper waste recycling Fiber recycling (ropes/woven-non-woven) Big bags recycling […]

Plastic dry cleaning

The patent-pending SOREMA DELABELER associated to an aerodynamic separator and some particular devices can obtain an excellent and more efficient […]

Film recycling

Agriculture film recycling Post consumer film Post commercial & post industrial film

Thermoforms recycling

Monolayer (PP – APET – PS – PC – PETC – PVC) Multilayer (PET/PE – PET/PVC – PET/EVOH – Others […]

HDPE plastic recycling

rHDPE flakes rHDPE flakes for Bottle-to-Bottle rHDPE flakes for Film and Sheets rHDPE flakes for Pipes

Pet Bottles Plastic Recycling

rPET flakes rPET flakes for Bottle to Bottle rPET flakes for Thermoforms rPET flakes for film or sheets rPET flakes […]