Thanks to years of experience and hundreds of systems installed all over the world, we have developed and strengthened the following principles on which all of our systems are based on:

The design is aimed at assuring a long terms life-cycle to our machines and the choice of constructive materials grants the durability over time even in presence of abrasive materials.

During the developing phase of the project, we draw our attention to the optimization of the utilities’ management that represents one of the most expensive costs for the general evaluation of the reliability of the project.

Our plants are designed to grant continuous operations 24h/7days and to reduce forced shutdown opting a predictive maintenance that assure a constant working efficiency.

Our cutting-edge lines grant the qualitative standards required by an ever-changing recycling universe both in terms of recycling systems and of new plastic materials.

Thanks to a modular design, that characterize our lines, we combine customization, flexibility and standardization of the machines.