One of our main concerns is to leave the best possible world to future generations. To this end, Previero - Sorema works according to a holistic understanding of sustainability for a sustainable future.

We understand that lasting success is based on excellent products, fair dealings with employees and business partners, and environmentally friendly actions. We view ecology and social issues as a prerequisite for long-term economic success, not as a contradiction.

For Previero-Sorema, the ecological component, which aims for a greater climate protection, resource efficiency and ecological management of the sites, and social sustainability both enter deeply into all company’s processes. Indeed, social and environmental responsibility, good jobs and training opportunities and a clear vision of our mission provide us with a excellent basis for actively shaping the business side as well.

As mentioned, through close cooperation with our partners, customers and companies along the value chain, we can act successfully, but in the end it is the people who make the difference. That's why at Previero - Sorema we appreciate the passion and commitment of our employees and encourage everyone's commitment to greater personal responsibility for recycling and sustainability. We also support organizations and all initiatives that work for a better and more sustainable future.