Polish recycler stretches film quality with Sorema partnership


PE films are nowadays playing an essential role in protecting food and goods throughout the whole supply chain, enabling a correct and safe delivery, but once they become waste, they also have to be recycled. As a result, films are increasingly becoming recycled materials in Europe, especially in countries like Poland, where the Company P.P.H.U. ANNA Recykling, based at Celestynów near Warsaw, has chosen a film recycling plant manufactured by Sorema.  

The Company, founded in 1955, has always been an active player in the production of polythene granules coming from industrial waste. In recent years, however, the growing demand for high quality material from post-consumer materials and the future-oriented vision of PPHU ANNA’s management, led the Company to search for a quality partner to work with and to develop a polythene post-consumer film recycling project.  

Sorema Company was selected for this project in 2019, thanks to its specifically designed flexible washing line, able to guarantee compliance with the parameters required for the production of high-quality material coming from stretch and post-industrial films, as well as to ensure production from agricultural and post-consumer films, raffia and jumbo-bags. 

The Film-to-Film recycling line includes the most advanced technical solutions of the SOREMA’s modular plant, such as the low speed and high torque Hydraulic Shredder, which was specifically designed by PREVIERO Holding Company of SOREMA, the super flexible Prewashing System with a high friction module and the Prewashing Centrifuge to process a wide range of contaminated materials. At the end of the line, there is a fluff storage to feed an extruder with a dehumidified material.  

Thanks to Sorema Line, PPHU ANNA’s productivity grew beyond expectations, reaching an output up to 1000kg/h of a perfectly decontaminated and granulated material at a competitive quality/price ratio. The material obtained is then suitable for the extrusion on the blown films lines located both in Poland and abroad. Among these producers, it is worth to mention Bogucki Folie, a Company leading in this field, which has in production the B-ECO, an innovative polyethylene film with a three-layer structure and based on a 100% recycled material coming from post-consumer and post-industrial waste, thus closing the cycle of circular economy.