The Revolutionary Agglomeration Unit for Chemical Plastics Recycling


PREVIERO N. with its division SOREMA has been a market leader in plastic mechanical recycling since 1974, establishing a benchmark position in the industry for high quality recycling solutions.

Although mechanical recycling, is a well-established technology and remains the first choice for plastics recyclers due to its high efficiency, chemical recycling is now emerging, as a fundamental step to close the recycling’s loop, particularly for handling heterogeneous plastics fractions that pose challenges for mechanical recycling.

A significant challenge in chemical recycling today is the efficient preparation of the input material by processing a mixed plastics fraction, by handling light, thin, and flexible plastics with high moisture content. The goal is to convert these materials into a dense, dry product with densities exceeding 300-350 kg/m³, while maintaining consistent quality and low energy consumption.

PREVIERO has re-engineered in the context of the chemical recycling its TRAMU a continuous agglomerator with double degassing and CALANDER, with contemporary features to enhance its performance to provide a robust solution to sector challenges.

The Key features of TRAMU are the capability to agglomerate the plastics at temperature 20-30% lower than normal extruder and to remove the moisture and the gases at ambient pressure. By operating the machine under the above condition, the TRAMU boasts the lowest energy consumption. Easy feeding and wearing have also been strongly controlled while the final density is granted with a calendaring degassing step before the final grinding.

The TRAMU is available in three models, each to suit different scales of operation, with capacities ranging from 600 kg/h to 3000 kg/h.

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